Tuesday, September 11, 2012


He110 A11, My apologies for the extended lapse of time since the last update; I've tried several times, but haven't been able to put the right words together or maybe I just wasn't ready to share them. There is no easy way to say it but bluntly, my mother died. My mom was unexpectedly hospitalized on Mother's Day and fought through two weeks of surgeries and procedures before passing away due to complications related to Peripheral Vascular Disease. A loss of this magnitude is something I've never experienced before, only written about. But no amount of research can prepare a person for the range of emotions that accompany the loss of a parent. The sense of detachment can be paralyzingly isolating, where it feels like no one understands what you are going through. Every situation is unique and I have to remind myself I'm not alone and I'm not the first person to lose a parent and think life is unbelievable unfair. As I was driving this morning and looked at the clock (not 11:11), things fell more into perspective. I was reminded of 11 years ago at that moment, thousands of innocent people were just going about their day and had their lives taken without warning in the most terrifying way. The thoughts that must have run through their heads... knowing they would never speak to their loved ones again is unbearable to contemplate. My thoughts of peace are with those who lost loved ones that blasphemous day. My mother's death was not instantaneous, but completely unexpected. The devastation of losing my mom when she was merely 66 years old is beyond unfortunate, but in many ways I feel fortunate for other things. A lot of women don't have great moms and they live to be 110, whereas I had the best mom but just didn't keep her as long. I'm most grateful for the opportunity to spend the final weeks by her side and was blessed with the privilege of holding her hand as she took her last breath. Needless to say, you can make all the plans in the world, but sometimes life has its own plan. My life has been on a detour for a while and I'm just now picking up my boot straps (non-leather, of course!). The movie has taken a back seat to my personal/private life, but I will soon resume the editing process which will provide a nice creative outlet that keeps me productively busy! I promise to update more frequently and keep you posted on ALL progress of the film. I greatly appreciate your patience and support. Xoxo, meg P.S. Call a loved one and say you love them just because you can! P.S.S. I would like to encourage all smokers to quit smoking now! I know it is extremely challenging (I am a quitter! Weened off with the E-Cigarette, which I no longer need!), but it's not a fraction of the challenge that suffering through the consequences is. Peripheral Vascular Disease is only one of countless diseases that result from cigarette smoking. Learn more facts & pass them on... http://lungcancer.about.com/od/Lung-Cancer-And-Smoking/a/Diseases-Caused-By-Smoking.htm

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools

Time has been moving in fast forward...blame solar flares or the lack of having a winter...or perhaps I'm just getting old. Yesterday was the twinkles birthday and of all days, I had an 11:11 moment that reassured me that my life is on the right path regardless of how off it has seemed lately. I was looking in the mirror and noticed an eyelash on my cheek. I made a wish and walked into the living room and saw the clock... 11:11. The twin character, Lili has an eyelash moment in the film so there are too many 'coincidences' to be ignored. The universe was telling me something... and I needed it.

Its been a dark year... so many little tragedies surround us... many putting others into perspective. Cancer. Cancer. Cancer. Cancer. If I hear that dreadful word one more time... Are we sure it isn't contagious? Friends my age battling it and now my eldest cat, Buddy Holly. I've been dreading this moment for years and have never felt so helpless. It's crushing to think about my child who I've had for fourteen years, who has moved with me more times than I can count, has peed on everything I own and cost me a fortune (worth every penny)... won't be greeting me at the top of the stairs much longer. Death is inevitable, but I really thought he'd live to be the oldest cat on record. Now that he's on steroids you never know... I keep expecting him to turn into the Incredible Hulk, but will settle for him actually eating and keeping down a meal. We are taking it day by day and as long as he's comfortable, we won't cross that bridge. I have no idea how to prepare for what feelings will be in store for me when the time comes, other than being completely lost. There will never be another cat like him, but know that I've done everything to give him the best life and could not love him more.

Death seems to be prevalent in my circle these days and it being April Fool's Day hits even closer to home. One year ago today I almost died on the set of a television show (funny enough I just caught a preview for the next episode followed by another for a show about twins!). Everything happened so quickly my life didn't have time to flash before my eyes. That moment was no joke, but will say with as many close calls I've had... being plowed to the ground by a 15 passenger van and almost flat stanleyed is a semi-humorous in retrospect. Something is obviously keeping me on this earth and often times I think I'm still here to finish my film and tell this story. Perhaps it's taking me so long to complete because I fear life imitating art. Or maybe I'm afraid of letting go of a story so close to me and entering the unknown of what happens afterwards. What will I do then???

I think the real question we should all be asking ourselves is... what can I do now? We live in the now and with the clock ticking so quickly, you must truly embrace every waking moment and be kind to others. Life is so very short and we don't have the liberty to take anything for granted. Settle your scores before you close your eyes at night... take a minute to pet the cat before leaving for work... when your parents get on your nerves, pause and remind yourself that when they are gone you would wish to have that moment back. Live life without regrets and you will sleep better at night and wake up in good conscience every morning... for it could be your last.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Belated LEAP YEAR!

He11o A11!

Happy belated Leap Year! I wanted so badly to post an update yesterday, but was very busy getting all the crowd funding rewards stuff put together for the cast signing 'party'. It was wonderful to see a lot of the cast together in one room... some had zero scenes together and had never met! The most rewarding part of this experience has been the privilege of not only working with such talented actors, but developing friendships and watching new connections being made. One of our actors directs a ton of local plays and has already cast two other 11:11 cast members he hadn't met until the shoot. It's a great feeling knowing that this project forged relationships that may have never existed!

I am a believer, however, that all things happen for a reason. Months ago when I was holding auditions, Kristi Ray read for a smaller role, but we cast another young woman more suited for the part. When I later found out the actress I hoped to play Savannah wasn't available, I thought I'd never find a suitable replacement. Our makeup artist mentioned Kristi Ray and coincidentally she was already on my list. When she came in, we spent 45 minutes just talking and everything Kristi said was so spot on that I knew she was the one before she even read any lines. Savannah is the character I call the sunshine of the film and wouldn't you know it... Kristi Ray's nickname is Ray of Sunshine:) As if it couldn't get more weird, she asked who was playing 'Mark', opposite 'Savannah'...when I said Jeramy Blackford, her eyes lit up. They had already been in a film together playing roles whose chemistry was undeniable! I know Kristi is not literally Savannah Collins, but I couldn't resist sending  her Leap Year birthday flowers yesterday. Savannah would have been 12 (48) and I can't help but wonder what she'd be doing now. [Note: the story is set in 1993 and Savannah was born in 1964... the same year Kristi Ray's mom was born!] 

Lastly, I want to mention one last "News of the Weird". One of my besties in Ohio is an 11:11'er and has been written into my script for years. Before the shoot, she found out she was pregnant with twins and due around Leap Year. This is very very strange considering there are twins and a leapling character in the film. T did not end up giving birth at 11:11 on Leap Year and is still awaiting the boys arrival, but the fact she's having twinkles is remarkable within itself. That's 11:11 for you! 

Make a wish! xo, meg

ps. the picture of the cake is none other than the fictitious Savannah Collins' 12th birthday cake utilizing some of the many leftover birthday candles from our shoot!

Friday, February 17, 2012

so this is the new year...

He110 A11!

I cannot believe it's 2012 already and 12 days shy of Leap Year! In the fictional world of 11:11, Leap Year is the birthday of the character Savannah Collins (played by Kristi Ray...photo attached). The choice of a rare birthdate was partly inspired by the song "Leap Year" by Maria Taylor, coincidentally opening the album titled '11:11'.  This past Thanksgiving, I was blessed with fortunate timing of being able to attend one of her shows on the way to my parent's house. For the first time in many I've seen her live, she played "Leap Year"... smiling at me as she strummed the first chord over her pregnant belly. If she has twins, that will be just too weird! 

[You can listen to her music for free here:  http://www.last.fm/music/Maria+Taylor   ]

Time has really flown by and I'd like to apologize for the delay in updating everyone about the progress of 11:11. Wrapping up has taken longer than expected and corporate tax filing is a beast, so I've been focusing on completing that to clear my mind of numbers before moving onto the creative. Editing is really where your film comes to life and I'm looking forward to seeing all the puzzle pieces together. 

Much luck and love,
meg 1ansaw

Monday, July 25, 2011


Please EMAIL HEAD SHOTS and RESUMES to 1111kissincousins@gmail.com. Once we review your information, SIDES will be provided and we would like to receive in return a VIDEO AUDITION by Monday, August 8, 2011. That's not far from now, so hop to it! Callbacks will be approximately August 13th. Anyone unavailable in September please refrain from applying. Thanks!!!!


ANDY EVANS (25, 39)

- Male, Dark Hair, Scruffy, Medium/Tall Height, Beer Belly, Unkept.

- Military Veteran, Unemployed Life Insurance Salesman, Alcoholic, Observer

- After serving his country, Andy went to college where he met his wife, Adrienne. They graduated the same year and just as
she was about to leave for graduate school in France, they discovered she was pregnant. She gave up her dream and they
moved to the small, industrial hometown he tried his whole life to leave because that's where he could find work.

- Present day, Andy and his wife's marriage is strained. They lack communication skills; Adrienne often yells at him in French,
which makes him crazy because he doesn't understand what she's saying. He feels isolated, so he goes out drinking and
sleeps on the couch nightly.

- Andy's son, Drew, is now 13 and filled with angst; he tunes out his parents with headphones. He also has a 4 year old
daughter and a dog; the only family members who give him any attention.


- Male, awkward, gawky, shaggy hair, baggy clothes

- Rebellious son of Andy and Adrienne Evans, brother to Kat Evans

- Angst-ridden, especially towards his parents, as if he knows his existence was unplanned

- Often tunes out the world by listening to his headphones

- Recently discovered girls and develops a crush on the new girl in school, Mallory

- Doesn’t care about school until a substitute teacher, Savannah Collins, changes his perspective through photography


- Female, Blonde, naturally beautiful, peaceful; the only 'outsider' in town.

- A hopeful and generous woman with an innate sense of time; frequently sees 11:11 on the clock in which she makes a
silent wish; born on Leap Year

- Photographer from Illinois who moved her father with Alzheimer’s to the farm he grew up on in Union, Pennsylvania to
help stimulate his memory. Currently packing up to move back to Chicago after her father’s passing

- Serves as a substitute teacher for Junior High school

- In a chance meeting, she becomes magnetized to Mark Elliott


- Female, tall slender, chin length dirty blonde hair

- Promiscuous, witty, and outspoken

- Lawyer specializing in divorce

- Was adopted, resulting in severe abandonment issues in which she avoids serious relationships with men; has few female
friends; Savannah Collins is one of them.

- Doesn’t typically falter when it comes to men, until she meets one she can’t have.



- Female, petite, adorable, long brown curly hair

- Daughter of Andy and Adrienne Evans, sister to Drew Evans

- Loves ladybugs, her dog Fortune, and the color purple

- Most endearing trait is her frequent mispronunciation of words, very funny

- Tells it like she sees it


- Male, grey balding hair, medium build

- Husband of Anne Kelley, father to identical mirror twins Maggie and the deceased Lili Kelley

- Workaholic. Reverend at an Episcopal Church and a 3rd generation family flower business owner

- Relies on Maggie a great deal at the shop because his wife can barely function

- Extremely overprotective of Maggie due to sudden loss of Lili and has questioned her faith since her passing


- Female, short, unkempt hair with grey streaks

- Wife of Aaron Kelley, mother of identical mirror twins Maggie and the deceased Lili Kelley

- In a dark depression since Lili died and stays highly medicated on prescription pills

- Quit going to work and sleeps most of the day away on the living room couch and often ignores loved ones in her life who
still exist

- Harbors resentment towards Maggie for surviving, when Lili was her prized twin

LARRY (65)

- Male, tall, stout, stuffy

- Owner of The Bottlecap Bar for 40 years

- The type of bartender that knows your name and your drink, which he serves the instant a regular sits down

- Often serves as a therapist to customers and has a soft spot for Lynn Stanley

- On the brink of retirement, in which his son Kyle soon takes over his job

KYLE (39)

- Male, muscular, tattooed, dark hair

- Larry’s son who takes over the management position at The Bottlecap Bar after his father retires

- Sarcastic, witty, flirtatious

- Enjoys debating with Lynn Stanley


- Male, rough looking, drug addict, homeless

- Three years prior, he won a substantial amount of money in the lottery and quit his job. During his last shift, his wife and
son die in a car accident; his daughter the only survivor

- Became an alcoholic and crack addict in order to cope with the pain, resulting in losing all his money and custody of his
surviving daughter, Mallory

- Living in a daze, he will stop at nothing to get another fix


- Female, cute, reserved, wise beyond her years

- Mother and little brother were killed in a car accident; she was the only survivor

- Estranged daughter of Lloyd Hill. She was placed with her Aunt who lived in a different school district after her father failed
to care for her due to his drug addiction.

- Now the “new girl” at Union Junior High School

- Befriends Drew Evans and is inspired by her substitute art teacher, Savannah Collins



- Female, freckled, spunky, outspoken, know-it-all attitude

- Calls out without raising her hand; tattle-tale of the class


- Male, African-American, class clown, talks out of turn

- Fraternal twin brother of Nataya, with whom he has a rivalrous relationship


- Female, African-American girl, chubby, braided hair with beads

- Fraternal twin sister of Nyshiek, with whom she often argues/competes

HARRY (13)

- Male, tall, polite, brainy kid of the class, wears glasses

- Well-spoken and often teacher’s pet

- Annoys some of the kids in the class with his intelligence

CASTING DIRECTOR (30 something)

- Female, theatrical, sympathetic, intelligent

KENNETH PRICE (40's-50's)

- Male, stoic, wears dark rimmed glasses

- Director



- Male, medium height and build, dark hair and extremely goofy

- Local news meteorologist

- Women find him humorous and charming

- Lynn Stanley’s off occasional hookup

CATHY CULLEN (mid-20s)

- Female, slightly ‘green’, but enthusiastic

BUDDY BLAKELY (early 30s)

- Male, African-American, serious about his job


- Female, very professional and well-dressed


CHRIS (24)

- Male, grunge, lanky build, energetic

- Bass player for the band Wednesday

FRED (25)

- Male, stocky build, mature, talented

- Guitar player for the band Wednesday.


LUCY (12)
- Female

- Male

IRIS (12)
- Female

KADE (12)
- Male

ALEC (13)
- Male

- Male

- Females, identical twins, long brown hair

- Male, tall, dressed in uniform

- Male, shaggy hair, fun, youthful and in love

- Female, long hair in ponytail, smitten with boyfriend

- Irresponsible

- Naïve, impressionable

MOM (30)
- Female, no makeup, tired but happy mother of two

DAD (33)
- Male, frazzled father overwhelmed with two children

BABY (1)
- Girl, chubby, cute but fussy, apple of Mom’s eye

- Boy, active, mischievous, curious about everything


- Female, seen it all and takes a lot to wow her


- Female, wrinkled, short hair, French

- Mother to Adrienne Evans and doting grandmother to Kat and Drew Evans

- Terribly disappointed in her son-in-law, Andy Evans

UPS CARRIER (early 40s)

- Male, tall, in brown uniform and hat


ELLIE COLLINS (Various ages)

- 42 years old when died of Breast Cancer

- Medium height, classically regal, blue eyes, blonde hair

- Deceased mother of Savannah Collins

WILLIAM COLLINS (Various ages)

- 60 when pronounced dead of Alzheimer’s (Early on set Alzheimer's)

- Male, tall, grey hair, blue eyes

- Deceased father of Savannah Collins

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TEASER! to be shown on 7/23/11!!!

HI everyone!

I'm still catching up on sleep from our 4 day teaser shoot that ended a little over a week ago. Now we are in the editing realm, compiling a promo teaser for the upcoming Cucalorus Local Focus Film Retrospective of my work this coming Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 8pm (Jengo's Playhouse, 815 Princess Street, Wilmington, NC 28401). If you live in the Wilmywood area, please join us for the festivities! It's a dual fundraiser for 11:11 and Cucalorus, so it's a win win! Information about this event can be found...

or at www.cucalorus.org

We are posting new photographs/stills on the Facebook and Indiegogo pages daily so you can keep updated. The imagery is beyond beautiful and am amazed beyond belief the talent attached to this project! So many people to thank for helping make this happen, but major shout outs to our actors including Jeramy Blackford, Ashley Carvalho and Kimberly Carvalho for their intense scenes that literally brought tears (happy) to my eyes with their performances. I'm a very lucky girl! More shout outs to Troy Blischok and Steve Thompson for making this film look like a million bucks and being complete pleasures to work with. Many more thank you to the remaining cast and crew. I love you all!

To view some photos and become a fan of 11:11, please go to... http://www.facebook.com/pages/1111-an-interconnected-ensemble-feature-film/166598050032079

Also, here is the new Indiegogo website in which different photographs and a teaser (coming verrrry soooon) will be posted. YOU can help us finish this film by contributing or passing along the information to 11 people about this crowd funding site. Thank YOU for making this happen! xo, meg


Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hi! We have added a character that will be seen briefly in the block of shooting coming up July 9-12, 2011. This go around, he does not have any dialog, but when shooting continues in blocks throughout August and September he will have some dialog! If you are not available/flexible with the dates above, please refrain from submitting.

We are auditioning this coming Monday and Tuesday, so EMAIL your Head Shots and Resumes ASAP and we will get you some sides and schedule appointments! Thank you!!! 1111kissincousins@gmail.com


JOEL WILLIAMS (40-45) - male, brown, wavy hair, stocky build, medium height

* Joel is Jill Elliott's fiancee, then husband. They are expecting a child in one month.
* Excited to be a new father, Joel caters to all of Jill's pregnancy needs.
* Joel is a relaxed kind of guy who likes to be liked, but enjoys pushing people's buttons
* He owns the Gas Station in which Jill's son, Mark Elliott works.
* He's treated like the wicked step-father by Mark.